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Trannie Articles

Rip Radio?

Podcasting has changed the way we listen to the trannie and may even replace it, writes Andrew Bock.

Hits And Memories Only Offering For True Believers

THE first sign that the punters' world had been turned on its head was the sound of Hall & Oates' Maneater blaring from the trannie at about the time the starter should have sprung the gates open in the first at Moonee Valley.

Hedwig And The Angry Inch After-party Hippo Bar, Surry Hills

hit The best stage show of last year is back. A full house at the Tom Mann Theatre gave iOTA a standing ovation for his electrifying performance as glam-rock trannie Hedwig. And it was great to see him working an appreciative crowd at the party afterwards.

Editor's Letter

A gay Islamic terrorist disguised as a punk rocker, a heroin-hooked nymphomaniac nun who keeps a pet tiger, a No-Doz-addicted cleaning lady with a mother-in-law who keeps her cupcakes under padlock, a porn star kidnapped by a one-night stand fresh from a spell in a mental asylum, coke-dabbling trannie more

Agony Aunt

The trannie with the gold boxing glove is as hard-hitting as she was 30 years ago. LENNY ANN LOW reports.